Some Trivia question errors


Answer A should say “White House” instead of “white house”

While technically it should say “Everyone listed” I think Answers B and D should switch places, maybe replace “Everyone listed” with “All of the above”

should say “In Portal, the Companion Cubes are sentient.”
One side note is that they never display any signs of sentience; and the only note about them is from GLaDOS, which is a very unreliable narrator. Could always be changed to
“In Portal, GLaDOS claims the Companion Cubes are sentient.”

Should say “factoid” instead of “factiod”. Also a confusing question, as the definition seems to imply two different answers. The answers could always be elaborated on a bit or changed up to be more correct.

Should be something like, “In Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film ‘Psycho’, chocolate syrup was used to simulate blood in the famous shower scene.”

Should say “which of its co-founders”.



To address the “Everyone listed” being changed to “All of the above”, the problem is that the answers are randomised, so it wouldn’t be guarenteed to be answer D everytime, thus being more confusing.

That said, what it currently is is a bit of a messy workaround.