Some thoughts on Treasure Hunting (Metal Detector)

I’m really happy with this update, but can i just say that Treasure Hunting with the Metal Detector is infuriating to say the least.
Firstly it being a random timed event is something that a lot of people don’t realize when first joining the Plaza which leads to lots of confused people wondering if the Detector is broken, Then there’s the fact that all the treasure is shared meaning people can see that you’ve found a spot, come over, take it before you then boost of at the speed of light in their Backer Speed Shoes.

I thought it would be more fun and less annoying if each player had separate treasure to find and instead of being a random event, it could spawn say, 10 pieces of treasure every hour or so. If you only find 8 in that hour it always resets back to 10 and never rolls over. This way you’re not forced to hunt treasure at specific times and can do it at your own pace, without someone following you around and taking everything from under you.


I actually do like the special event, but I do agree that metal detecting should be a thing you can do anytime. Maybe treasure can spawn randomly along the beaches, and the special event would boost the rates to the current levels with treasure pretty much everywhere.


Metal Detecting is here to stay, eventually it won’t be solely an event, but there will be events that tell you when special treasure is around.

I can also try to make treasure client side.


I know I am a little bit late but if it was client side it would be better because people wouldn’t steal chests BUT when Island Exploration is available, there chests should work like now (because those will be small groups, usually friends.)

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