Some Suggestions for Condo TVs/Music

  • Adding media via playlist
    - Fairly self-explanatory; if you want to have marathon a series on Youtube or want to add a lot of music, you should be able to paste in a Youtube playlist link and get things started with minimal effort instead of spending a couple minutes going to each individual video and adding it to the queue.

  • Idlescreens
    - Something like the theater idlescreens; you can specify music/videos that play automatically when entering a condo, stop once something’s added to the video/music queue, and resume once the queue’s over. A shuffle option would also be nice, so the music/videos wouldn’t start with the same thing over and over.

  • Selecting only part of a video/music track
    - Maybe there’s a really funny part in a 2-hour video, or you only want to play one song in a Youtube video that has the entire album in it. Either way, you don’t want to go through the effort of scrubbing all the way through the video once it pops up in the queue and skipping it once the part you wanted is over. Instead, you could just choose a specific start and end time and pick where you want. It would also work pretty well for the theater as well.

AFAIK, the first and third options are already included in Youtube embeds, so they shouldn’t have to be implemented completely from scratch.


looping videos and music for your condo because its annoying to keep having to request over and over


These are all good ideas that I think should be implemented… also, I would like if your Condo also remembered the music you play, making bookmarks and a history tab possible.