Some questions OwO

  1. Will the Halloween event items be limited to just this year? it is not specified and no dev has answered when other people have asked the question.

  2. Will Forgotten remains remain in your inventory or deleted once the event is over? and could you perhaps make them placeable? i have heard multiple times that people would like to place their remains in their condo.

  3. How long until the condo tools will be released? it says it should be the next upcoming update but i don’t see and work being done on it in the daily dev logs. I needz them so i can start building amazing condos :smiley:

The forgotten remain can be found in your steam inventory, so it’s most likely an item, which means that when the event is over it will most likely be hidden (and inacessible) in your inventory unless they completely remove it from the game.

I just want some remains left in my inventory as a souvenir thing, and that’s why i’m asking. don’t want 300 remains to just vanish from my inv :new_moon_with_face:

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I believe we plan on having a NPC stay at the Celebrations that you can redeem your Forgotten Remains at once the event is removed from the plaza.


Moved to questions, since it’s a question

Foohy forgot to put on Friday’s log that he finished off the copycat duplication mode, so there’s been progress.


Alrighty neat, and can you answer question 1 or does it not have an answer yet?

This is like the fourth time I’ve seen that question go unanswered so my current guess is that they haven’t yet decided on an official position regarding whether items will return each Halloween or become permanently unobtainable.

Each Holiday event, previous years Holiday event items will be available to unlock at the store (for a high price) or through an event/exchange of items.


So these 2017 items will go into the store on halloween 2018?

Anyways thanks for finally answering :new_moon_with_face:

Well you can already get halloween 2016 items in the celebrations store, so most likely they will be moved over there at the next update.

Nah this is different. 2016 items were always in the Celebrations store. What is sounds like is that this year’s limited edition items will only be available during future Halloween events through a special store or something.

Let’s hope the store is well hidden then, wouldnt be fun to go out and look for rare items if they are super easy to find.

You are missing the “or” in my statement. Not every item will be in the stores still.

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Thanks you for the confirmation, glad to hear this is how you are handling it