Some More Inventory Tags

Right now, theres not alot of Tags or anything to specify exactly what you’re looking for.
there isn’t even some tags that was there before
so here is some tags that is either New or Not Inplemented In the Inventory update

Bar (conbine this tag with Party Stuff)
Living room (stuff like couches, Media players, Coffee Tables)
Modern (stuff like funnel planter, neon bar, Light boxes, Hot tub, Curved screen,
Silly (stuff like the lego furniture set, plushys, Basketball hoops, Racecar Bed)

These are just some of the tags there could be

I’m a student of library science (as of this September), and I support this 100%. I’d also happy to help determine labels for things!


wait, plushes are for kids? :slightly_frowning_face:


“Silly” instead of “Kids” :^)

changed it

wait, plushes are silly? :frowning:

s i l e n c e