Some Lobby Minigames/Fun Features

I thought about some features that could be put in the lobby.

Tower Roof

Hang Gliding
You can fall and go hang gliding around the lobby.

You press it and it gives you a unit.


You can walk up to a stand to que up for a 3v3 game of volleyball. This game has unit payouts.

A small train (like ones that you’d see at the zoo) would travel around the beach on a rail in the shape of the wood path currently at the beach. You can ride it, like the monorail.

Relax and go surfing through the waves.

Rent a Yacht
Rent a yacht and invite some other players over. You can drive the yacht and go fishing in it.


These are all great ideas! Id love to see cute stuff like this.

Id love to see this stuff happen! Nice thinking @CalculatorSpoon

Hang gliding needs to be a thing! :raised_hands:



And the button, its the new attraction of plaza

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Yeah this is cool.

Also theres a good chance Surfing is happening since theres a Surf Shop by the Beach Houses.

Love the Yacht idea but not sure about it being rented. I would rather it just be sort of chilling around like the Beach Houses are currently.

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Well we will be able to buy boats so this would proably be like that