Some Items Show Up Half-Way Into the Ground

I can’t figure out how to fix this. Does anyone know what to do?

Is this your item or one loaded from the workshop? It could be from the model creator not properly lining the item up in the modelling software.

If it is your item, if you are using Blender (for example) try to make sure that the item doesn’t clip into the plane it sits on as that is what will be your “floor”. I had the same issue with my Sandvich model, and had to readjust it and move it up a little to fix it.

They were my models. I’ve tried adjusting the models I have the issue with to the floor (and some of them spawned adjusted to the floor) but they have the problem anyway.

Might be that specific part of the condo? Maybe try reuploading the models and then updating your items that way? It seemed to be iffy for me and only worked after I fudged around with the updating for a bit

No, the models are half-way into the floor in the workshop editor, even when I view the imported versions of them.

Is it on Highrise?

No, it seems to be any condo or furniture.

Have you tried moving the origin of the model up?

I fixed it. I just had to move the origin to the bottom of the model.

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