Some concept milimistic art of mine

I have tons more, but accidentally dunno where I lost em in my pc.

tea cups

the horizon

1st one is either a toilet or a cup pouring into a cup.

I love negative space artwork.

toilet lol, that’s a first congratulations. Oh wait, found a bug, its not showing the title of images for some reason. Titles are there when I click on edit, although doesn’t show up here. No wonder you thought of it as a toilet.

1st is a cartoon-looking panda face.
2nd is the special stage from Sonic the hedgehog 2.

hell no lol, I will re edit the entire thread, it seems like the titles between images are not appearing after publishing.

Well… I was close… right?..

yes by a few billion light years, you were close to the core imagination portrayed in the above pics.