Some Ball Race Suggestions

For one, if you are the only one in a server, it should give you the option to bypass the leaderboard showing when you complete a stage. Its pretty pointless, but some people might want to see it, thats why there should be an option to toggle it.

Also, this is more of an annoying bug, but when spawning in, make it so the camera positions correctly. Ive had lots of times where id spawn in and fall off because the camera screwed me over.

kthxbai :smiley:

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The camera issue for non-hosts is already well known by the way. The suggestion seems nice though I guess, even though itโ€™s quite minor.

I like the first idea, but the second idea has been reported an uncountable amount of times, and every single time, the devs say theyโ€™re working on it. Do some research first please.

Oh, whoops. I guess i didnt search the thing well. Anyways, I just wanted to suggest that because when ever I create a simgleplayer server, I have to wait for the leaderboard when no one else is there. So it just feels pointless.