[SOLVED] Transfer Main account status to new account. *Fixed Title*

I’m still on the need of doing the transfer, the thing is that my main account is mostly inactive as i don’t have the stuff i need on that one (Valve Complete Pack) and it lacks of models, etc.

Would it be possible to change transfer my Donor status from my account to a new one if i provide proofs enough? I wouldn’t like to lose everything i have made (Which are like 47k units on TU u_u)

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There are no plans to allow transfers of status to different steam accounts.

Could it be possible to switch just the steam id at the GMT profile with enough stuff to prove ownership? I mean, i’ve supported you guys for a long time and would love to keep doing it but i don’t want to give up my stuff just like that. It’s time i spent on the game for almost a year (Although it’s not that good, it’s my progress :frowning:)

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There are no plans to allow the transfer of GMC from one steam account to a different steam account that owns Tower Unite.


Alright, i’ll do a refund then. It’s sad that a simple thing can’t be done.

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You don’t know how simple or complex it is.

Unless you know me, don’t assume stuff. I’m a website developer myself, i know it’s not that hard if you have a brain.

Edit: It’s just time consuming, that’s all.

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websites aren’t linking items to other accounts and then placing those items into a game.

I was more worried about my currency, anyways, i have asked for a refund on my secondary account and bought a new copy on my old account. Feel free to close this up @Caboose700.

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