[SOLVED] Cannot Launch Tower Unite Alpha because of DirectX

I’m running Windows 10 and according to dxdiag I have DirectX 12. However, whenever I try to run Tower Unite it comes up with this lovely dialog box.

DxDiag: http://pastebin.com/yb4vJD2g


I’ve changed the category to ‘General’. I can’t really decide where this should go.

How are you launching the game? In Steam, does it give you the option to launch in DirectX 10 mode?

Both in Steam and the old Alpha download have been doing this. I’ve even tried DirectX 10 mode, same error.

I think its something with Windows 10 because I have 8.1 and it works just fine regular and DirectX 10

I’m on Windows 10. Everything runs fine.

I reinstalled DirectX. It works now. hides in corner

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