Solution to the Minigolf tube paths

You know how you get your ball into the hole-in-1 tube and it somehow manages to make your ball roll too fast or in the wrong direction, thus CHEATING YOU out of your well-deserved hole-in-1??

How about using those cannons that were shown off during a stream a long time ago?
The ones where your golf ball lands in them, then the cannon shoots your ball out at a predetermined path and force.
Yeah, just make your ball roll into that kind of system so that you don’t get screwed over by the inconsistent tube system that is in place right now.

Don’t even try defending the randomness of those tubes, it’s bullshit and you know it.


I’ll defend the randomness of the tube by saying that in real life, should you putt a ball down a tube the size of the ones in minigolf, that randomness is what would happen. This makes it more challenging to get a better score, or the best score possible.


just soap it

but TU isn’t real life, and the player should be rewarded for playing well, not bashed against the curve because the tubes are poorly executed.
It doesn’t make gameplay more entertaining or challenging, just frustrating.

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I’m for the randomness as well, as much as I hate it. But Garden, Hole 1 tube needs to fixed so that it doesn’t clip into the barrier of the “bowl”
And first tube in Around the Bend (Garden, hole number escapes me now) should at least aim at the hole.

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Explain why you are defending something you hate.
This makes no sense.

Well, not literally.

the randomness means absolutely nothing except frustration

it doesnt make anything feel more realistic it’s just feels cheap

if i really wanted to feel cheated like that i’d just go play it in real life


I think this makes sense for some holes, but not all. I feel like there are some holes that kinda deserve the randomness and shouldn’t (or don’t have to) be cannons.

@GeeMayn So your point is that real minigolf is cheap?

@cold_finger If TU Minigolf wasn’t realistic we may as well let the balls float! These Tubes are in real Minigolf and ask a Person who plays real minigolf what they think about the Tubes? They may say they are frustrated and annoyed. But that’s the point, to make it challenging and to make you use your brain rather than just “HIT BALL”

I absolutely hate the randomness.

It’s not just the tube paths that won’t work but some holes as a whole. Take Garden’s Hole 17 (Plinko) as an example. On one side I admire the idea of it but on the other side I absolutely hate it because you have NO way of influencing your outcome on that hole.

Yes, having absolutely no control or influence over whether or not your ball comes out of the tube ~just right~ makes the game more challenging.
Real good thinking there, champ.
Just take Mikusch’s example and try to argue against it. You’ll have a hard time defending garbage like that.

Also, you use your brain to get your ball into the correct tube pathway. You can’t use your brain to control whether or not your ball will come out of the tube at the right speed/angle.

You don’t even understand what I’m arguing about, do you?

I personally like how they rarely fail to give a HIO. I’ve played many interesting games where people fail to get in, allowing others to catch up to them on the scoreboard.

I’ll admit, it isn’t that fun not making it in yourself. However, it isn’t worth getting upset over…

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@Spookz no my point is the randomness is stupid and theres no use defending it because it is unnecessary

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or, you know, making them fall behind when it inevitably happens to them as well.

Honestly, the score is hardly a concern to me. It’s more about the principle that you should be awarded for successfully hitting your ball into the correct path that was intended to lead to a hole in one.
At times it doesn’t even feel entirely worth it to go for these paths because of how broken it can be.
It doesn’t seem like an intentional feature, but rather a adverse effect of a sub-par system that should be rectified.

I’m honestly really torn on this.
On one hand, if you have the skill and the timing to get a HIO, then you should obviously be rewarded with a HIO.
But on the other hand, imo it’s pretty hilarious when everything fucks up like that. It’s kinda like when you get stuck on the Plinko hole (which apparently they fixed and that makes me sad)

I dunno. Having it be random like the way it is now could be a Mutator at least.

Or rather, have the “Accurate Tube Paths” be a mutator.

Although, this seems kind of pointless because in the end the tubes were meant to guide players into the hole… However, missing the hole could be slightly intentional. If the devs want you to get in the hole every time after you enter a tube path, then they would make a funnel around the hole so your ball would roll in.

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I agree with OP. The amount of times I have been robbed of an HIO in the game makes me very frustrated and less likely to choose that game over the others. I out in the time and patience (and bad scores) to learn the HIOs that I can make, and to have the ball bounce out of the hole or miss completely is a very bad feeling.

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And of course it won’t work the next time you try it. That happens to me on this hole every time.

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