Solar Eclipse Event ( A bit far fetched, but likely doable! )

I was reading a thread about events and it reminded me of a game called Terraria. In that game, there is a random chance that in the daytime a solar eclipse will occur, causing the sun to darken, and knockoffs of classic horror characters like Frankenstein could spawn. A time filled with vampires & werewolves, etc etc. I feel this could be a thing in Tower. This part may be a bit far fetched, but I think maybe we could have such enemies possibly spawn in the lobby. The shops could close temporarily board up, NPCS disappear temporarily, and for the next few minutes all hell breaks loose.

what do you think?


Never liked Terraria but this sounds awesome. Equip everyone with chainsaws and this could be a new version of the old Chainsaw Battle. Could be called Monster Battle or Chainsaw Monster Battle or something like that.

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Other terraria events are a bloodmoon (pretty much the same thing but with zombies instead) and martian invasion (where the sky turns green and martian ships invade), but solar eclipse I always thought was coolest

I’d rather not lose the ability to shop just because an event is going on, but I’d totally be down for something like this. The chaos just sounds like a lot of fun. The only thing I’d worry about is lag, but I don’t really know how much of a problem that actually is with Unreal.

Nah, I’m not that into. It’s Shadow The Hedgehog all over again.

Jk, not a bad dea. It would be cool, but I just don’t really like how “hell breaks loose” on Tower. XD

I guess you never played a Chainsaw Battle in GMod Tower then. They were totally nuts.

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It could just work like the Chainsaw Battles in Gmod Tower. Where just the plaza is the battle zone. Shops wouldn’t be affected. That would be the best way to work it.

Yeah, I think the whole door boarding up would be cool aesthetically, but wouldnt be a good thing.

If there is a solar eclipse event, I’d rather it not be so gameplay intrusive. Maybe something smaller, like a special merchant selling super shiny things or something.

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This. As fun as mowing down monsters with chainsaws sounds, it’d have to be done in a shard world, or be less intrusive on the lobby map.

(By shard world, I mean a small mini-map you can teleport to optionally, like that of the Dogfighting random event.)

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I think it could work just fine in the lobby, like the old random events. Instead of a solar eclipse you could have a ship or something crash on the beach and have fighting take place only on the sand\water. I’d like a sword or something less obnoxiously loud compared to 30 chainsaws being used though.

The only thing I really miss from lobby 1 is the random events.

Yeah, the event would probably be best on beach so its not as intrusive though.

The problem with it being on the beach is the whole expansion thing they have planned, I’d not wanna be disturbed when metal detecting or boating around.

True, IDK what would happen honestly. I like the whole chaos idea but being gameplay intrusive would be very annoying.

How about the sun gets blocked out for a few minutes and leave it at that?
It would be neat to look up at the sky and see an empty circle that once was the sun.

Any kind of random event is going to be intrusive to someone. I hate to say it but I feel if its to intrusive then too bad. I think people will be able to wait the five or less minutes for the event to finish.

Before it is said “why should people have to wait” I ask why should people have to miss out on all these possible events so you can have every activity available all the time?

Plus as far as metal detecting goes you can always go metal detect an island. Probably will find better stuff too…

rant over

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Yeah, honestly there isnt anything really interesting you could do without being a bit intrusive. Really, I dont think EVERYTHING should shut down, but honestly it would have to be a bit intrusive or it wouldnt be fun.

Like I said before, they did it perfectly in Gmod Tower with the chainsaw battles, snowball fights, and Obama cutouts. It would only affect one area of the lobby (either the bar, plaza, or condo lobby) and the shops would remain open and everything would still function fine. If you didn’t want to participate, you could just stay out of the area for a couple minutes. I know a lot of times, I’d duck into a shop for a couple minutes if I didn’t feel like playing. That way I couple wait it up and get some shopping done in the meantime. If they just kept that same kind of system for random events in Tower Unite, I’d be perfectly happy with it.

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