Softlock when opening chatbox while 'your catch' box is still open

As said in the title, almost all keys cease to function if the chat is opened while the ‘your catch’ box is still on screen. I can open the steam overlay, jump, and use directional keys, but I cannot type anything or even open the menu. This means I have to force close the game.

Here’s an image of it:

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I’ve had the chat open a couple times recently when receiving a fish and it would instantly close it when the “New Catch” pop up happened. What else were you doing at the time?

I would catch the fish, and when the catch box was still open, I would then open the chat after which would cause the game to softlock. Typically, the blinking cursor should be present in the type box, but in my case, it was absent. From what I’ve heard, holding tab would fix this. Then again, the softlock should never happen in the first place.

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This actually sounds familiar. I thought this was a fixed in Unless that was something else and/or I’m insane.

It was fixed in 8.0.1, it’s weird that it has happened again.

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