Soda Machine (buyable)

A Buy-a-ble soda machine that gives you soda cans as a thing to hold

Left-Click to drink

right-click to pour

holding left click will make you keep drinking, and after drinking the whole can, it falls to the ground and soon dissapears, heres a detailed demonstration


colour crash (makes your screen become colourful) 100 Units
dark despair (makes your character move slow 200 Units
lime Gold (makes every object you see gold ‘‘you are now rich’’) 500 Units
covfee (coffee with a spice of memes) (makes you go 10% faster) 100 Units
Tuberry (doesn’t do anything :P) 50 Units
Water (no effects) 20 units

You can buy this at robs imports for 10,000 units
it can be placed in a condo, or the plaza, for friends or strangers to sip

I like this, the drinks seem fun to drink and they’re relatively inexpensive. I especially like the “Lime Gold” one because it (sort of) fixes the problem of gold items being backer exclusive without removing the exclusivity of items really being gold.

However, I don’t think this can allow drink purchases as a condo item (I think there’s some Unit security issues with doing any transactions from condos). Of course, the simple fix to this would be to have drinks be free when used from the condo item but then have these machines placed throughout the plaza (like the vending machine). The condo item is expensive enough to warrant giving the buyer unlimited free drinks (these are very minor effects, after all), and having plaza machines would let players give the drinks a shot without needing to buy a machine themselves or condo surf hoping that some condo owner has a machine.

One last thing is the controls; I’d put pouring drinks to the “use” key instead of right click, because that’s what pretty much all interactable items use. Right click (with a drink) could instead “slam” the drink, throwing your head back as any drink left is quickly depleted.


See I also thought this, but the appearence items in the inventory screen seem fine when it comes to unit transactions. I also do think it could just be expensive and unlimited.

Also selling these drinks as placeable/equipable items from the plaza vending machine would be pretty sweet.

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