So, with the new chat coming... Steam Emotes?

If it isn’t too late or too early, what are the chances of being able to use Steam Emotes in the chat? I know I asked this before but it’s been a while and progress has been posted on the new chat system. I am just asking again to know if Pixeltail is still wondering about this (neat) idea.


I don’t think you can use Steam Emotes in games. It sounds like a trademark nightmare.

I wouldn’t mind having the game’s own emotes though as long as they are not animated.

I mean, they’d just be able to use the Emotes in your own Steam Inventory, doesn’t seem like it’d break copyright much…


Or they can just link to the emotes when you use them. “Rehosting” emotes by including them in the game files would definitely be copyright infringement, linking to them would likely not be.

Eh, I’m more worried about people spamming emojis in chat instead of actually talking.

The moderating will take care of that.

Could just simply have a 5 second periodic timer tracking the speed of spammed messages.
More than 4 messages sent between 5 seconds silences you for 10 seconds or longer.

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Emotes sound like a terrible idea.

I shelled out 4 dollars to be able to spell “Heil Hitler” in Steam emotes because I was an edgy 13 year old.

Do you wanna heil Hitler? Cause that’s how you heil Hitler.

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Id rather not have these.

You don’t need emotes if your goal is to evade filter systems. Also if you wanna heil Hitler you’ll always find an elaborate way to do so. How would you filter content like this for example?