So who's got the most money?

After spending a lot of time playing Mini-Golf to get the 30K For the TV, It got me thinking… Does anyone have like LOTS Of money saved up? Like I’ve never seen someone with 100K For and I’d love to see it :smiley: So how much money do you have?

I am not getting past 20k units right now because I keep spending it on condo stuff, but once the transfer of our GMTower stats happens, I should have some heaps of hundreds of thousands of Units.

Pretty sure I’ve made about 200k, but as for holding that much at once, nope. Still too many things to purchase for now.:slight_smile:

Perhaps they may give everyone over a certain amount of money a rounded up/down amount? Because some people had around 250,000 units IG!

Just hit the 200k mark 15 minutes ago.

Personally, I’m waiting until all or most of the condo systems are in place before investing in it. So I don’t really have anything to spend my Units on right now.

I thought the same before. Is it really worth investing into my condo yet? I tried adding a little bit to it, and at the moment my condo looks awful and doesn’t have a lot to it.
I should just save for the dog head already damn it

Yeah I’d rather have around 150K To fully do out my condo out

I am always broke in TU because once I get some money, I immediately spend it on my condo. I don’t regret it though, my condo looks sweet. Might do a condo showcase soon if anyone wants to see it. :blush:

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Are you referring to how much you had in GMT? Because if so that amount will be converted to Units and then transferred over to your TU balance.

Yeah that’s what I meant, like say if someone had 300,000 GMT Coins, would there be like a converter like for every 10,000GMT Coins it would be like reduced into the TU Currency?

I’m not 100% sure what the conversion rate is yet, but all the currency you had in GMT will be converted to Units, I want to say it’s going to be something like 5:1 due to how much GMC was in circulation and price changes. But then again I have very little to no insight on this.
:new_moon_with_face: :moneybag:


As soon as poker comes out, all my money will be gone :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the total amount of money I spent in cosmetics + 2-3 condo things is around 100000 Units :relieved:
EDIT: exactly 111800 Units spent + current money = 123864 Units

You can actually check how many units someone by using the steam web API.

how do you do that?

I play a little bit of Minigolf.


If you farm the new Nimbus with 3 friends you should be able to get quite some money real fast.

Ok Tom we know you’ve got serious cash calm down :wink:

You mean in my pockets :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Please elaborate how to do that, I am unable to find any info on this.