So, Sweet Tooth

Is the best fucking map i’ve played.
Seriously, I wanted to hug everyone who worked on the map.
Everything on it is amazing. All the levels, the design, the feel, the beautifulness, the gameplay, and most of all, it’s really damn fun.

The map is gorgeous, it really feels GOOD to play on it.
Me and my friend were amazed by how the map looks. Every single level is fun, unique.
Seriously, I always liked everything you guys did, but this… this is fucking amazing.

And there also is Little Crusaders coming, i’m so excited to see what this game will become when it’s fully released.
I was a little scared at first, when GMT was ending, but, holy molly.

We love you, PixelTail.
Seriously, Thanks.



Yep, after the patch fixing most of the issues in Sweet Tooth, it’s pretty damn awesome now. Arguably one of my favorite maps in TU aside from Treasure Cove.

Thanks for the positive feedback, it really made my day. I worked hard on this map, and I’m glad that after the adjustments people seem to like it.


Wow. You did it alone?
That’s really impressive, damn.

I did! Krionikal modeled the ice cream mound and rock candy tree at the very beginning, and I did the rest. Development of the map began in September. I had always wanted to make a minigolf map, and I wanted it to be a wacky/zany theme. I had watched Wreck it Ralph for the first time earlier last year, which was the primary inspiration for the theme.


Wreck it Ralph was the first think I tought about when I got into de map, haha

I don’t wanna dump on anyone’s fun, but I still think that Sweet Tooth is extremely flawed in terms of play, my main complaint being that the par for each hole is absurdly low for how random and unpredictable the course is. I’m fine with getting a bad score because I suck. I’m not fine with getting a quadruple bogey on every hole because of a bullshit gimmick that I have no control over.

I feel those gimmicks really just come down to learning the map. It adds replay value.


Man, what a coincidence Golf With Friends released a map with the exact same theme.

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Yeah, that’s one of my favorite parts about sweet tooth. It’s a learning experience finding all the correct and best ways to go about the map. And it being much less linear than the other golf maps gives it a kind of unique feeling, so i’d rather that not be taken away.