So my friends and I made a game with canvases

The “goal” of the game is for all the participants to place down a canvas one at a time and cover up their canvas afterwards, insuring that no one else saw what you put down. After everyone has made a canvas the canvases are uncovered and the players are tasked with making a story to combine the pictures. These two were my personal favorites, if you guys try this send me the results cause I thought that this stuff was hilarious.


Bottom image is easy.
Saw a minion today. Contemplated suicide.

I love how this game has no to little content ATM and people are still coming up with their own games.

Aw dude, I would love to play this!

Yeah that one was by far the easiest to put a story to, but there were some other ones involving Craigslist and spaghetti that were a little more interesting.