So I was watching the twitch broadcast from 6/3/2015

I saw the developer open steam and it looked way different and spiffier than the version of steam I’m using right now. Does anyone know how to get access to that steam? Much thanks,

Can I see screenshots of what your steam interface looks like?

Sure, one minute.

This is what my Library looks like:

As long as I have my Metro UI, I could care less what base Steam looks like :sunglasses:

They might have a custom skin applied to steam, I don’t know. I haven’t seen that stream yet. My steam looks like that too.


Well, since anyone hasn’t actually answered this question, here you go! (i’m guessing this is the skin) Just download the .zip and extract the folder to the skins folder in your steam directory. Then follow the steps as stated:

1. Open Steam settings.
2. Go to the interface tab.
3. There will be a dropdown box of skins. Yours will be on < default >.
4. Click on the dropdown box and select ‘Metro for Steam’. You will be prompted to restart.
5. After the restart your Steam should look awesome and spiffy!

Hope this helped!



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