So I Noticed The Banana Boys Started Playing Tower Unite

During a game of minigolf I noticed that the 3 banana brothers, (Gassy Mexican, The Terroriser, and the banana man nanners himself.) were playing minigolf. Strangely enough they were somewhat vocal. Was anybody there?


Ooooo this is good news :open_mouth: player numbers will explode if Nanners/Gassy post a vid :slight_smile: I hope they liked it


Amazing news for TU.


I’m expecting them to blow the game up. Very much excited for what they’re going to be posting on their channels.


Let’s hope the youtube spotlight will get the game some growth.

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They were having fun. though nanners was having technical difficulties.

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Loads of people are having technical difficulties, especially with minigolf at the moment :confused:


Do u have a vid of anything? Not saying I don’t believe u but a lot of people lied about playing with people. Anyways I hope they were recording and upload a vid so this game can get publicity it deserves.

I’m pretty sure, if they really were there, and it was the 3 of them, then they would have been recording

I have a photo of it.

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Just looked at Gassy Mexicans Steam and it seems like he has played it. Nanners profile is private so unsure about that one and Terrorisers profile is also private too. But if they did record that’s a pretty cool thing. I hope that H20 plays because at least then I will know when he’s playing it :wink:

I don’t really have a vid but I do have a photo need to upload it to this fourm later it was on my phone. didn’t think about screenshot it though I can screenshot recent players to show that the guys were there. I verified their accounts as well so it’s them.

I’ll post photo later. my link isn’t working I’ll just have to upload it through imgur.

The link doesnt seem to be working for me :confused:

Use for image hosting instead, much easier.

ok thank you.

Post it, kinda interested to see.

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This is great, I knew they would play the game, they played Garry’s Mod Tower and enjoyed it too ;D

Here. It is if you want me to post recent players screenshot I can give that.

I’m doopcoop at the bottom.
probably best just to click on the image ratio is weird.