So how does the global chat bans work?

So I was in tower unite at a certain point in the night and me and a few people ended up talking about a few topics that some would find controversial, and may have said some things I ended up regretting cause it seemed too mean. And of course I got temp global banned for that, which I can respect and understand. (also wondering if its just a global chat ban, or should I expect to see more punishment? OwO I’m the anxious type so I just kinda feel like some bad is gonna happen or whatever) Either way I’ve learned my lesson to just say that shit only in my condo.

Although it made me think though, what are the rules for that stuff, and is it only a global chat ban or is there more stuff to follow? is it like a 3 strikes your out, or is it dependent on what kind of stuff you say.

In game there is a button above the chat to read the rules.

I think that if you’re global chat banned you are also banned from talking in local chat in the Plaza, and I’ve also heard of people being banned permanently after multiple temporary bans, but I’m not exactly sure how that all works.

so that seem unlikely that no perm stuff would happen after the 1st time?

depends on how bad your offense is

Generally perma bans are reserved for players that either repeatedly break rules or just said something REALLY bad to get it on their first offense. If you were just discussing controversial stuff without harming anyone, I’m sure it won’t be too severe.

Also to answer your other question: The chat ban is all you get for a chat offense, so you can rest easy there :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally the devs can deal punishments related to what you did. If you were micspamming, you can get banned from voice chat. If you were playing inappropriate videos, you can get banned from theatre, etc.