So can i have old tower unite

For real, man. Dude’s just straight up offering to code the gameworld himself now. Dude’s off his rocker. lol

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well i going to do it myself so i can play planet panic
AND WHY CAN I NOT GET THE OLD TOWER UNITE SO THEN I CAN PLAY PLANET PANIC THEN?? and i ve like to help code the game planet panic

:grinning: hehe


yes we are so so So SO BACK W/ PLANET PANIC
but this time im going to ask macdguy
if i can code the game planet panic

yes yes you did i bet you wanna play planet panic too i bet you do

thxs : ) i try planet panic is a great game i never got to play it sady

HA HA HA HA HA lol ur funnnnny

Wait…you never even played it?! Did I just black out for that part or did you not mention that. That leaves me wanting to ask two things. Why the hell are you so passionate about a game you’ve never even played? And how do you even know it’s “a great game” if you never played it? I have played it and I can tell you from actual experience, that it’s actually one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Like, there was definitely potential for a good game in there and I’m hyped for the revamp, but that original version was total ass. There’s a reason they took it down. It was ridiculously boring and super unbalanced. All it was, was basically just a really shitty version of CTF. You flew your ship to the center of the arena, sucked up a bunch of balls, and dropped them in your goal. That’s literally the whole game.


Nah that’s a skill issue it was epic

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“Skill issue”? I won every game a played of it. It required no skill whatsoever. That’s what was so lame about it.