So about all the criticism about GMT Open Source?

People are not happy with GMT open source? Idk, years and years of a world without gmod tower and we’re now getting the master keys to GMT? The potential to opening up the backend of what powered all of our old memories we had of GMT, the fact that this open source could change every gmod server, think about it. The modernization of Garry’s Mod but nobody has anything nice to say about it? Deadset, we’ve all sat here and seen people get banned over protesting to make it open source and now there are protests to keep it in house. Cmon guys, we’re supposed to be a community here and ya’ll spittin on the devs for doin a good deed.

The people who were a non participant of baggin out the devs for this, you’s all know who you are. Stay true my homies.

To the dev team, thanks for everything over the past 6 years of my life, yous have all changed it in some way and i have nothing but gratitude to you all.

Peace out,
Ghosta <3


The GMT veterans who are the vocal minority appear to be not happy due to the very real possibility the image of GMT would be tarnished by those that modify the source into something else.
Like DarkRP Gmod Tower [+FREE CASH] [+WEED] but personally it will only be like that if they let that happen. If they truly cared about the integrity of GMT to its classic roots they’d create vanilla GMT servers for those that want the classic GMT to remain.

Open source just lets people continue the legacy so to say, but even then they’re not happy with it.
Can’t please everyone. :woman_shrugging:


Considering the possibility, it makes sense why people would be afraid of this event taking place. But an image never going to be perfect, your always gonna have this happen, it already is happening. Plenty of gmod servers use gmt assets, then make them a grind to get on pointshops so people end up paying money to get the accessories.

If nobody knew this, now they do, this has been going on for yeaaaaaaars. So if the image isnt tarnished, then it is now that everyone knows this. Cool now we got that out of the way.

The fact is that Gmod Tower can still be trademarked, doesnt this mean people cant really use the name as an incentive to join the server? We need to think logically about this. If anything it would ruin the image of the server that is using the name.

And you make a very good point, the fact that it will only be like that if the community lets it happen. GMT is still quite a significant name in the community i cant imagine server owners would go that low to get donations, although i do believe some people will do it, but i dont think people’s integrity about the brand will shy away if these situations do occur.

I’m just happy the codebase for such a historical gamemode is free for anyone to study and use.

No amount of shitty knockoffs are going to take away my memories of GMT, just as I still have fond memories of DarkRP from 2012 despite what that gamemode has turned into now.


even if there’s gonna be several gmt’s, i couldn’t care less about my progress on more than 1 of em, the community moved over to tu and changed quite a bit, i hope a lot of old gmt regulars will return because of this and i can hang out with them again.

bit of a negative thought but i think it will never be as good as the original gmt due to the community growing up and decentralizing (partly due to tu) and basic nostalgia which makes things seem better than they may have been


I never got to play GMT, so in my personal experience I find an opportunity to play any form of classic GMT is a good one, as I’m currently studying under game design.

TU has already surpassed GMT in a variety of ways, and there’s still things yet to show up. I’ll really be glad once Arcade and Accelerate comes out, as that’ll be some high-profile gameplay right there.

When advertising Tower Unite to friends and others online they each have gmod and have been playing it ages yet none of them know what Gmod Tower is, doesn’t even ring a bell. The majority of the servers will be filled with Tower Unite players and Gmod Tower veterans (or both like myself) and therefore the likeliness of a highly monetized or altered version of the gamemode becoming the most popular is very unlikely.

I just hope it doesn’t ruin the Tower Unites already iffy player base… I assume PixelTail is confident what follows in the history of Tower Unite. I doubt anyone is going to build off of GMT with exciting new gameworlds considering how long and how much of a hassle it was to make GMT.

Gonna be honest, I started sweating when I saw this thread.


I have no positive or negative opinion

i don’t even have an opinion.

I honestly don’t understand the upset. Unofficial servers will be painfully obvious, and everyone’s rendition of the mod will end up different than each other. People have run unofficial servers of World of Warcraft, Habbo Hotel, or mod and customize games that were community driven for years now. This is the same scenario.

If the devs add some things about the source code to ensure everyone knows a hosted server is unofficial / not related to PixelTail, then it doesn’t matter. From what I understand of most people, they’d rather have all of their progress kept in one place anyways. If anything, releasing the source code is constructive.

  • It brings continued awareness to Gmod Tower and indirectly advertises Tower Unite (which could increase TU’s population with unofficial revivals).
  • It’s educational for anyone who aspires to create something similar.
  • Let’s be honest, it’s so outdated that eventually people will itch for the new-updated version of the game (TU)
  • It could spawn further community outreach between TU and unofficial servers respectively.

The only downside I really see is the abuse that comes with poorly managed servers. Otherwise, GMT and now TU have such an established reputation and company behind the name, that anyone could look it up and know immediately who the original owners / creators are. Even people who never actually played GMT back in the day knew / knows what it was.

I could go on…

To end on a better note, thank you, devs. You guys put in some fantastic work over the years, and i’m excited to see any further continuation of your abilities.

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I don’t understand fhe upset either. People were initially upset because GMT was gone. Then they made their own server. Now they are upset because the official source code is coming out, which means the real deal can come back into existence for a while? Doesn’t add up to me. I’m personally happy to see the source code come out, and it just makes me wonder what people will do with it.