Sneak Peek Videos

This may not apply to most people on here as you guys actually read whats on the forum, but does anyone even care about/watch my “Sneak Peek” videos?

Mainly because I gained like 10 subs since I started them, but they only get about 100 views. They take a lot of work to put together and work out what everything means…

So, TL;DR - Should I keep making them or does anyone even care?

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To be perfectly honest, I like them, but you’re appealing to the wrong demographic.

I see them on the TU forums, which is great, but the thing is, a lot of us here already know about everything in the video, either from being on Discord, following @Caboose700’s ego-stroking screenshot thread from Discord, or from playing the Alphas themselves.

If you could work up interest on another forum, though, I think that’d be a good audience. It also wouldn’t hurt to do overviews of the weekly builds (if they work) and every new Alpha (Alpha 6 is due this week). Just my two cents.


Every time I tried recording the weekly build the game crashes or just has some game breaking bug -_-

And I mainly do the videos to get the game out there, And to inform people who don’t know about discord or the forums what’s new.

When comes out I will try doing a video on it, but trying to work out whats new takes a while. And I know they say it all in discord but sifting through everything thats said takes even longer