Smooth Water

I think that a new variant of the Smooth Dirt condo was needed and I absolutely love Smooth Autumn, but I feel like with the addition of the full-size boat and the soon to be added fishing in condos a Smooth Water condo would be essential. In the future, we’ll be getting a Physics Gun and if we also get a welding tool we’ll be able to do some amazing shit like boat making condos or floating houses.
What are your thoughts?

My idea of what Smooth Water could look like.

I love this idea, I imagine some cool condos could be made with this.


i would love this!


I think this was also the original inspiration behind the suggestion that lead to Smooth Autumn. Regardless, it’s what I’d like most as well right now, as far as condo maps go.


Also smooth space, despite how much sense that makes


Maybe there could be an entire section of Condos dedicated to Smooths because I would love to see a variant of Smooth Ocean called Smooth Beach (or Smooth Island)


Would smooth beach be like an endless beach with like a forest behind? I’m picturing Madagascar here. If this is the case then hell yeah. I suppose it wouldn’t really be smooth if it had a forest though…

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Reminds me “gm_flatwater”

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This would be great. There was an old post too suggesting more variants of base condos which I’d love to see in general, but there should probably be a dropdown menu or something to select a variant if this becomes a common thing (did a mock-up on it a few months ago but it wasn’t exactly the same idea).


I’ll do this as soon as I get back from my break. That’s a promise. :slight_smile: