Smooth Dirt Polishing Patch




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Yes this is getting updated! Please massively reduce the size of the map. This and underwater are the only maps in the game that make my computer sound like a jet engine.


isn’t the huge size of smooth dirt the entire point of it?


Well yeah, but it doesn’t need to be even remotely as big as it currently is. Apparently it takes an hour to reach the end of the map with speed shoes. Why would anyone ever need that much space?


It takes 10 minutes, not an hour.


That’s still too much imo. I’m not saying make it the size of houses yard. But big enough where it’s manageable on most pcs.


I don’t know man, most people who use Smooth Dirt plan on building some pretty crazy stuff. I wouldn’t want to cut out that creativity. Maybe instead they could release a similar flat map for half the price that’s like a mini version.


Changing the size of this particular map is not going to help preformance.


We need a coustomizable spawnpoint here

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