Smart Watches!?

What!? Smart Watches!?

I saw a post here about someone having an idea to have Phones in-game for Tower Unite. I thought that was a cool idea. But then I thought, what if you have a stock phone (Tower Phone) which is crap. It doesn’t do much and it’s a bit boring. Then you can upgrade to a better phone such as a CC Phone (Central Circuit Phone).

Ok, ok, but what about the watches part?

If you’re rich and you have enough money you can buy a Smart Watch. Give it the name of Tower 360? Or maybe even Tower². I have no idea. I’m not good at making up names.

Right, so what’s the point of this?

You can then use these things to maybe:

  • Take selfies.
  • In-game video chat. (Skype for Tower? Integrating Skype desktop app with the game it self?)
  • Fitness app with a pedometer.
  • Chat to people with taps. (Like the Apple Watch) Could also be just regular texting.
  • In-game music player.
  • Mobile games like Snake or Tower Bird. (Flappy… Nvm…)
    And it goes on. If you have an idea feel free to comment.

How would it look like? (:3 I’m curious)

So for the more luxurious people. This is a random pic I made:

Tell me what you think. Is this a good idea? Or do you think it can be better?

Kk, sure will do!


I like the idea. And you made a great job there :slight_smile:

I really like this idea. Maybe rather than phones, just have these from the start. Could have the entire UI be based on the watch’s screen (assuming it had a screen, rather than just the standard watch that you have in your picture). If that were the case, I’d imagine that the screen would have to be significantly bigger.

Well the watch in the picture is a Moto 360 running on Google Now. Watch this video from Motorola:

It’s one of the only round smart watches. Keeping the tradition of Watches.

(Edit: I just changed the URL link again. Name: Official Moto 360 Demo at Google I/O)

Emm yeah buddy, that’s a straight up copy from iPhone 6. PixelTail Game would need permission from Apple to use that.

Plus I’m sure they would design their own models.

I used to have a moto 360 and yes, this is a great idea. I just dunno if Skype will be possible. The rest of the ideas are great!

I think this would be a great idea, but the smart-watch screen would be too small for some ideas.

You know what… They need to add a Tower-Boy 2000! XDDD

That could work. I just think we need permission from Nintendo since Luigi’s Mansion and all.

Nintendo? Pip-Boy 2000 is from Fallout, Bethesda.

I think @Tanooki_Jon is confused and he means the Game Boy Horror x)

Oh lol, right. XD I don’t know that much about Nintendo.

Great idea. Better than phones i think.

Oh rip, I’m such a Nintendo gamer that I don’t pay attention to pip and 2000… #toomuchnintendo

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I like this idea.
Mainly because it reminds me of Elevator: Source and the wrist watch that gives you your system’s time on a Rolex-type watch.

Rest in pepperoni: The thought of a world without smart watches…

Don’t knock em’ til you tried em’.

Haha :3

holy shit I love this idea. Though I’ll be using that Midas Touch Watch that I will be getting at whatever tier it was listed in, but this can add so much functionality to TU. So many ideas for this game it’s amazing and I love it.

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I wanna know what the devs think of this.