Small Suggestion for the Plaza Scoreboard Awards/Outfit/News Tabs

(sorry about the non-specific title, I couldn’t really think of a good title that wasnt really long)
I feel like it’d be a lot more convenient if the Awards/Outfit/News tabs in the plaza scoreboard didn’t exit you out of the scoreboard, and displayed inside of the scoreboard instead. Here’s a few poorly made mock-up images to show what I mean:

I like the appearance, I have been trying different routes for it because Unreal does not make it easy to do 3D in 2D menus. However I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the collection book being in there.


Yeah I agree with the collection book, it looked better in my head than when I made the mock-up image

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I like the outfit section and the news.

I really like this idea – I’m a huge fan of the Outfit and News being displayed in that window. Anything that simplifies the GUI like this is a win.