Slot infinite spinning + possible cause

I know it’s a known bug that the Slot machines will spin indefinitely. However I encountered it twice on a slot(s) i was occupying and i believe i have found a possible cause, and have accidentally reproduced it later

I went AFK on a slot and as the timer hit 0 i realised and hit a button, in doing to it both kicked me out of the chair and spins the slot. The slot spins infinitely because you are no longer its owner. re-occupying it will lock you in and you cannot interact with it / get out of the chair.

I hope this is a help


Tried to reproduce this, got a slot machine locked up on first try.

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Someone finally found the cause, yay!


Good bug testing skills.

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I’m a Games Dev Student, Its what i do B)
I know how tedious bug testing is.

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I just like breaking games in general.

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Thanks for reporting. In the meantime, to prevent malicious use, I’m hiding this post until it’s fixed.

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