Sliding down slopes (to make slides in Condos possible)

I think it would be cool to have a feature to slide down slopes, mainly in the Condos. For example, you have a 3 floor Condo, and you could quickly travel to the 1st floor by placing those pieces of wood and other materials from the Building Store to make a slide. And if the Building Store no longer exists in TU, there could be some kind of *slide piece to buy in the Toy Store. The way I see it is you have to crouch, and hold another button to go into “slide mode”, where it looks like your crouching, but you sliding down the slope your currently on, like a *slide!


Warframe has a system kind of like this. Except you can only do it if you’re sprinting first.

also Mac said on the last stream that there still would be building blocks

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Yes, Insurgency does this also.

@MaskedKatz A slide mode to actually slide down a slide instead of just walking down it would be cool.

Yeah, I want it to where you just stop moving, and slide down the slope your currently on. I edited it to make it less complicated

i think we’re starting to get out of suggestions so the suggestions become a bit weird, i have the feeling people just post at this forum to keep their regular rank instead of posting anything useful

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It’s opinion on what you value useful, Some people just want small game mechanics like sliding for instance and hay i think some suggestions are better than none.

I think I know what you guys are thinking, I think we are thinking differently. When I mean Crouch to Slide, I mean to slide down a flat surface, just when you press down while standing on a slope in the Mario games, you swiftly go in a crouching position, and then slide down the slope (if there is one) under you ( just like a slide at a playground). Please note this suggestion is not coming from another game, and I got this idea when I was
imagining about my future condo. I want feature this feature to be used in condos, mainly to be used to make slides possible, such as another, but fun way to travel around your condo.

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