Skype, Windows 10, and Tower Unite

As the title says, I have windows 10. I tried to join a Skype call with some friends, both before and after I started Tower Unite, and both times, I had a really hard time getting the game up or getting back into the game. Both attempts would lead me to a black screen (pre loading screen I believe), but wouldn’t go anywhere. So I alt tabbed out and tried clicking the icon on the windows hotbar, which led back to that screen. Only after about 5-6 tries would it actually pull up the game (only if it was previously up).

skype is the problem :wink:

No, it’s not. I have Windows 10 as well, and Skype works perfectly for me. I use it to talk to my friend all the time when we play.

It’s not Skype. It works fine for me.

I’m using Windows 8.1 and when I tab out while it’s loading something without rendering any frames I have a bad time getting back into the game aswell. Waiting until the game is done loading before tabbing out works for me.