Skeletons Should Fall Apart Upon Dying

So, upon dying with the skeleton model your ragdoll simply falls to the floor. This isn’t as realistic as it should be. I think that the skeleton’s bones should all fall to the floor, rather than one whole ragdoll. The milk carton actually already does this, so I think it’d fit in with that.


I thought the Milk Carton thing wasn’t intended :neutral_face:
But yeah I approve

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The milk carton isn’t suppose to do what it does.

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You should come up with a better title for your thread.

I renamed this post to make sense with what was in the post.

We can’t tell what’s intended with it and what’s not after seeing that it has arms and legs and that it lives.

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Actually, I never told you this but I actually made the milk carton legs break off on purpose…

Maybe I could have the skeleton fall apart for fun.


Slightly unrelated but what about the playermodel getting cut in two parts with an ugly white mess keeping it together in a gross way when you die, like this:

Is this on purpose too? :x
(nice touch with the legs thing btw)

The carton twisting and collapsing into itself is not on purpose. The legs are though. When we migrated to 4.11 the ragdolls broke.

Can we keep it?
I like it!