What’s the possibility of adding signatures to the forum? Love the experience of it thus far, but forums don’t feel quite right without each person’s unique signatures.

Personally I quite like the non-clutter of traditional forum signatures myself. If they are added, I would hope there would be an option to turn them off.


I personally hate seeing annoying gifs every 3 posts.


Never said that images or gifs had to be included. Text signatures are just fine. I also don’t like seeing a 800x800 image every post myself.

That’s just the default signatures the come to mind.
Take the GMT forums for example.
Super annoying gif signatures galore.

Even with just text, it really doesn’t feel necessary.

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Here’s a good example on the Discourse Meta forums on why I think signatures are unnecessary. (You’ll get a kick out of it. Just keep scrolling down.)

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Is that Groundhog Day? Lol. I can see why people wouldn’t be for it.

Yeah, I can understand opting out of gifs or images, but I still think text-based signatures would be a welcome addition (with a reasonable character limit). I’ve discovered some interesting quotes through forum signatures in my days.

From the link in Sprite’s post:

Any useful information I’ve ever seen in a forum signature could easily be put in a user profile. If a reader wants to learn more about a specific poster, they can simply click the username to see the poster’s profile. No reason to repeat this information hundreds of times.

Further down:

Now that forums support user pages with instant messaging addresses, twitter, Facebook, and even WoW identities, there is no practical reason to continue to support the signature.

Further, signatures break the flow of reading, are often abused even with strict limits, and introduce redundant duplication, since every one of your posts is going to have the same bit of information.

And last but certainly not least:

My understanding is that Discourse is meant to be disruptive and turn the world of forum software on its head–not to be a mild, transparent upgrade that matches features on a one-for-one basis with every other forum application. That disruption includes thinking critically about each and every feature, and being ruthless in culling the ones that distract from the main goal of the software: discussion. How do signatures aid or facilitate discussion?

They said it the best, gotta give it to them

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Don’t particularly agree with most of that, but if that’s how most of us the forum feels I’m happy to oblige :smile:

As long as only non-gif image files are allowed, why not.

If anyone asks why, you can easily put a flashing image in your signature which could cause some problems.

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I personally think signatures are unnecessary. People mostly just use it to dump random crap anyway. And then you see it all over the thread, which is just annoying.

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Since signatures were removed, I’ve been able to read everyone’s post a lot easier and actually be able to reply to the conversation.

Signatures really distract from the conversation at hand.