[Showcase] my Lazy chiptune remix of pop/anime/game/hindi songs

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My remix of pop songs (pop/anime/game/hindi songs)

Example: https://soundcloud.com/sdkaaas2/happy-8bit-remix-sdkaaas

ps: I use these remix of mine as ringtones or my alarm song. If you wish, or have a request for either a song or ringtone from a song, lemme know.

What tracker / DAW did you use for these?

well these ones for my own use so I didnt remix much , just edited here and there, and combined several midis and converted them into chiptunes, and I think i used fl studio and audacity, but there was another software I used that will extract the midi from wav songs, although it was imperfect.

I have one request.

Couldn’t find a midi for that. All I found it “death13” and “kakyoin hierophant green s theme” midi . If you can provide a midi file that’d be better.