Show theatre playlist above entrance

Something like this, where the next few videos on the queue are shown on a sign outside.

GMT used to show the name of what’s playing outside the theatre, I can’t recall if Lobby 2 did that, but definitely on Lobby 1.

Would love to see a return. Sometimes, I’d see a video playing that I was curious about or wanted to see, so I’d jump in the theatre for a bit.


It would help me stop stumbling upon creepy/stupid/gross videos

Or anime

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As a weeb, I can confirm that those aren’t mutually exclusive.

Yep. I second this. Of course there’s weird anime but there’s plenty of weird Western shows too.

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It’s always amusing to see people who have never watched anime talk shit about it, when in reality, it’s no different to Western cartoons.

Was saying that an anime video can also be creepy/stupid/gross at the same time. It was supposed to be a joke, or something.

Oh, whoops. Read that wrong. I’m dumb. Lol