Show off your Battlestations!

I’ll start off. Sorry for the shit Camera Quality

My computer specifications are: Intel Core i5-3570K, EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Superclocked, ASUS Sabertooth Z77, 16GB of Corsair XM3 RAM, Noctua NH-D14, and the case is a Corsair 600T White. My keyboard is a WASD Keyboard Full Size with Cherry MX Green Key Switches, and the mouse is my ageing Logitech G9X.

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As much as I wanna show off my beastly self-built, my desk (and room) is a huge mess. :joy_cat:
I’ll post pics at a future date when I get a new desk and clean up a bit.

I have a potato with a bit of copper wire sticking out, it’s pretty top of the line.

Oh man, my desk needs some cleaning… once I have it cleaned though, I’ll definitely upload some pics :3

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Good video editing set-up :slight_smile:




I can get in on this…

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so many of you have these cool-looking rigs… makes me sad since I’m running on a potato

I know huh. Everyone has a much more professional feel to theirs compared to mine haha.

Using Virtual Desktop. It’s really cool since I can lean in to my monitor as far as I want without bumping my head.

Also I can turn off the lights and my main monitor and still have it display on the rift so I can sit here and use the internet in total darkness.

The upgrade begins

BIOS up and running, no defects :smiley:

NOICE! Can’t wait to see that fucker up and running!

WOAHWOAHWOAH… me too ;^)

I love controllers.
And big TVs in front of me.


These images are old.

  • 3 PCs (2 laptops, 1 desktop, 1 laptop not shown)
  • 3 GameCubes (2 broken)
  • 1 PS4
  • 1 PS3 (unconnected)
  • 2 Xboxes (both unconnected)
    -1 Wii (unconnected)
  • 1 NES (Only works on a blue moon on Friday the 13th and all the planets align)
  • 1 Game Boy Classic (used for making music, delivers the best sound out of all Game Boy models. Kinda ironic.)
  • 1 Game Boy Advance SP (used for games. Backlight is nice but sound is crap compared to Classic)
  • 1 N64 (broken)
  • some cheapo headphones that work amazingly
  • a wireless keyboard that I need to replace soon
  • a SteelSeries Sensei (broke, replaced with a SteelSeries Sensei Wireless)
  • the comfiest chair in the universe

I need to sell some stuff…


dang dude that’s a ghetto setup