Show Off Instruments for the IndieGoGo Campaign?

I’m not sure if others would agree with me, but I feel like the Playable Piano is a relatively big selling point for this game. If you could show it off in the IndieGoGo campaign’s video, maybe it will entice a lot more people. It would also be really neat if there were other instruments than the Playable Piano to show off, since I believe different instruments are a planned feature, yes? Though, it is understandable that creating new instruments from scratch probably would take more time than they are worth at this point in time.
It would be even better if you could somehow include the Playable Piano in the demo, though I imagine the demo will mainly be demonstrating Game Worlds.

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It is possible to show that off. Recreating it in Unreal seems pretty easy to do.

I’ll keep it in mind. Not sure if it’ll happen.


I think that the trailer should focus more in gameworlds and condos customization, and including some of those items could be a great incentive indeed

Once I get the systems in place for creating usable items, we should be able to put some of that stuff in.

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Just a bit of a status update on this. Zak and I worked on getting the piano logic going so it could show up in the trailer.