Should I buy Undertale or Keep Talking?

I’ve never played these top-down RPG games like Earthbound/Mother or Undertale, but the game look really fun and simple-ish.

On the other hand, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes looks like a perfect game to play with family and friends on boring days. Suggestions?

EDIT: Bought both. No ragrets.

Dude, I’ve been looking for someone to play Keep Talking with because I have a rift and tbh it looks really fun

But I don’t have any friends that are consistently open to play with

I’ve played about an hour of Undertale so far, and it’s a pretty enjoyable experience so far. Can’t really say much more than that, but i’d recommend it. :smile:

I haven’t bought Keep Talking, but it does look like fun.

As for your question, I’d say it comes down to whether you want to play a game on your own or with friends/family. I’ve played Undertale through and through, and it is definitely worth the buy. However, I have seen some footage of Keep Talking in action, and that looks really fun if you’ve got a small group together. I don’t really have a solid verdict for you, but here’s my opinion on it.

$9.99 (game or soundtrack alone)
$17.99 (game/soundtrack bundle)

  • Good humor that doesn’t rely on memes and references
  • Great battle system with creative twists
  • Choices that have actual meaning
  • A story that may cause you to cry
  • Good difficulty curve that never feels too punishing
  • An amazing soundtrack (I recommend buying the game/soundtrack bundle)
  • The game knows. You will see what I mean
  • It has a 96 on Metacritic. The game probably did something right
    +/- Singleplayer
    +/- Random encounters in certain areas
    +/- Retro style graphics
  • Traversing sometimes becomes a hassle
  • Very limited options (not that it really needs them, but a mute button would be nice)
  • You may want to tell your friends and family everything about it, but pretty much everything is a spoiler, so you’re stuck unable to say anything
  • You see, there’s this annoying white dog…

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (based on Youtube, I have not actually played)

  • Very unique
  • Lots of variety
  • Plenty of challenges for all skill ranges
  • You won’t be memorizing the manual anytime soon
  • Nice twists to throw you off guard
  • Randomized bombs so you can’t predict the answer
  • A perfect party game
  • Oculus Rift compatible
    +/- Requires you to print twenty-something pages
    +/- Things will probably get loud
    +/- May be stress inducing (but probably in a fun way)
    +/- If the “expert” doesn’t understand the instructions, you will be unable to win (but could cause fun chaos)
    +/- Requires friends
    +/- Nonremarkable graphics
  • Certain components may get predictable over time
  • If a component cannot be figured out, may lead to frustration
  • Cannot play on your own
  • May cause loss of friendship (cause seems similar to that of Mario Party)

Undertale makes most people cry with the ending (assuming you get the ‘true ending’ by not killing anyone).
It’s pretty much GOTY.

While ive never heard of keep talking and never explode,undertale manages to make you not want to do the genocide route. Oh and at the end flowey says that players are not able to do it themselves and watch it. AKA:Lets Plays.

Keep Talking looks pretty fun, but I’ve never played it. UNDERTALE is one of the best games I’ve got to play recently and I’m really REALLY glad I got to experience it. Undertale is more than worth is $10 price IMO.

I’d hate to be the sore thumb, and keep in mind I haven’t played either game, but I’ve also heard from a few people that while Undertale brings very awesome concepts to the table, it’s execution is somewhat poor.

I don’t know if this kinda thing is open to debate here but I’ll keep it brief, from what I can gather, I think Undertale is a bit too highly hyped and while I can respect people’s love for it, my personal opinion is that the game is extremely subjective to the person that plays it, and that the ideas it does bring to the table could have way better execution in the way it probably intends.

My two cents would’ve been just to buy Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, because I feel like the content that is being shown is much more ‘this is the product you’re DEFINITELY getting’ while Undertale has a gigantic bias because of it’s huge following. I heard the demo gives a nice preview of what’s to come and if you like it, you’ll like the game. From what I can tell, you haven’t said you played it, so I feel like the choice was more heavily ballparked than could be.
You’ve bought both already though and good on you, nice that you were able to get both. Hope you enjoy both games.

I definitely agree about knowing what your getting with Keep Talking.
Personally, I feel like I would get kind of sick of Keep Talking after like 4 hours of it.

Also, I have no idea what you mean by

I know you haven’t played it, but did the person who told you that even explain why he thought this?
I found it very easy to learn and enjoyable to play.
The story & characters are hands-down 10/10.
The music is 11/10.
I honestly have trouble finding things to criticize about this game.
All that comes to mind are the encounter rates in the beginning area are a bit high.
Also, the fandom is becoming… kinda annoying in a way, but that’s not really a criticism of the game itself.

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I think he explained that, for example, many of the jokes are quickly going to become outdated and some are forced. Every character tries to be funny but of course, the above ruins that.

I think your friend has a bad sense of humor.

I’m joking, obviously humor is subjective.
However, I would say the humor is far from bad (in fact, I liked most of it), and I would never say that I found any of it forced.
This game is so ridiculously charming. Everything has character to it, ranging from the main characters, towns folk, and even the environments and their various descriptions/interactions.

Something tells me your friend was trying not to like it, or he went into it with a negative attitude. I don’t get why people do that, but I’ve witnessed it before.

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I do plan on purchasing Undertale when I get the money to. I may not get Keep Talking because, well… I have no friends who could probably even attempt it.