Shiny metal on Workshop model


I have just uploaded and Mandalorian model to the workshop but although I love the way it turned out, I can’t help but feel it would just look so much better if the armour looked like a shiny metal rather than a solid grey.

I saw a video saying to use something called mirror in blender to give off a shining effect, does TU remove effects like this in order to save resources?

If anyone can point me in the right direction to make the texture nice and shiny I would love that! Alternatively if anyone can confirm that this isn’t possible in TU that would be equally as helpful.

Here’s the solid grey looking armour that it currently is so you can see what I mean

and for reference, here is a much nicer looking shiny boi in blender


Sadly there’s not many options to adjusting Workshop model materials. I’m hoping in the future we get more. Workshop models only use textures and not specular/metallic/roughness maps.
The closest you can get to doing a shiny material currently is by activating “Toon” in the Material Metadata. However I really really hope they at least give us a Specular slider on Materials in the near future.