Shift Tool for Condos


Because placing items in condos is based on having something to stand on, this could be very helpful.

You can toggle a direction (up, down, left, right, forward, or back), and set a value on how much it would be moved (grid supported).

Then, just point and click at the item to move the item.

This is great for making objects float, or make precise adjustments since drag & drop is so intuitive to this type of operation.


Just letting you know that in your condo you can use the ‘V’ key to enter a noclip mode and fly around so you don’t have to stand on something. But yes, more precise item placement, something along the lines of like Planet Coaster would be great.


I’m pretty sure this is going to come in the Advanced condo build mode update.


I meant for the items to stand on since there is no way to place items in the air without having to place something under first and removing it.


Which one of them do you think is the tool I suggested? The closest I see would be “Aligned directional placement” which is another type of tool that simply aligns more items to an already placed item. The tool suggested in this topic is for precise placements and help items be placed in the air easily.


“Aligned directional placement” and “Improved rotation tools” is basically this:

They’re called gizmos. Left is translation, middle is scale, right is rotation. But, we’ll have to make our own gizmos as we cannot legally use the Unreal 4 ones (as the editor code is licensed differently).