Shadow optimization?


I was just wondering if we could get better optimization for shadow settings. In my condo it seems as if there are only 2 shadow settings which is OFF (Low), and ON (Medium, High, Ultra).

Medium, High and Ultra shadow settings all give me around 35fps in my 3000+ item condo, and they all look the same. Whereas Low settings increases it to 60fps and completely removes the shadows.

A middle-ground between Low (60fps) and Ultra (35fps) would be nice. Thanks


this is an old topic. whew.

anyways, there isn’t a middle ground for shadows really, except for a shadow render distance. shadows are very intensive to render no matter the computer. i have also noticed a lack of fps changes after the medium setting, but that’s to do with the fact that the shadows are being rendered at all. it’s similar to mirrors and reflections, where you have to render everything twice, which is always going to be difficult. obviously with shadows it looks way different, but the method is somewhat similar. your GPU has to find every object in your vision / condo and simulate 1 or more lights hitting that object in a realistic way, from multiple angles, calculate for brightness and how far the light will go before fading out (i assume your 3000+ item condo has a couple lamps or lights in it?) and also account for moving objects, you walking around, bonus points for shadows in a mirror / resulting reflections from a mirror.

basically the reason there’s not much difference is because shadows are always intensive, no matter what. there’s thousands of calculations that your computer has to do in a fraction of a second. i guess maybe the devs should add a shadow render distance feature, but that would be useless in condos due to their small size making the render distance super noticable.