Setting a payment on arcade cabinets in your condo

So, this is the simple concept. Essentially, what you’ll be able to do is set a minimum payment on an arcade machine that you have in your condo, Then, for anyone who wants to play on the arcade machine, they must put in the set amount of units. Then, at anytime the owner of the condo can collect all of the units that were spent on the arcade machine. Maybe this could only be done with arcade games written by the condo owner themselves. Imagine just running your own whole arcade setup in your condo,


cool idea

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Why wouldn’t I just go to the arcade and play for free? Whats to keep people from setting the price stupidly high? Why would I want to play the arcade game made by an owner who probably has no clue what the heck he’s doing?

Not trying to be rude just some questions to think about.

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Well, I doubt that the Plaza arcade will have workshop arcade games, so it may get boring playing the same few arcade games.

It is their choice, yeah it’s pretty lame for someone to do that, also you don’t have to play it. And maybe there could be a maximum price you could set (or even make it based on the amount of upvotes it has on the workshop, but that seems like a bit of a stretch)

Keyword: probably. Yeah, there will be people who make some pretty lame games, but like I said above, they could make the maximum price based on the amount of votes it has, so if it gets so many downvotes, it’ll probably just end up being free.

i dont think an arcade would be free. Just sayin. the best alternative would be this. Plaza arcade games all cost 30 units to play (lets just say that) condo arcade shit has to be 30 or less.

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I would say this is a more than reasonable compromise for this