Set wall/floor/ceiling materials with image links

So if we found a texture we wanted to use, or one that we made, we could use that. It would work like the whole canvas system. And if you want to get into the more advanced parts, you could also set the bump maps and specular maps.

And if you wanted to, you could make a texture for a whole room, maybe.


Yeah, this would be useful! There’s potential for Shrek themed walls and stuff.


I don’t like this idea. You use a picture for one thing… a picture for your house. If pictures were allowed to be textures on walls the game would go to shit. Eventually people would want pictures on furniture. Not good.

Why would it go to shit? It enables more creativity.

I’m just gonna say phallic objects…

It enables garbage.

Sorry if this sounds rude in any way, but are you saying that everyone’s condos are gonna look like garbage? I mean, i dont think that you’re thinking about this enough. Sure, there will be condos that will have dicks on the walls, but not all of them will be like that. Its no different from what people can do right now with canvases. You could easily walk into a condo and be greeted with porn on a canvas. Its no different.


I like the idea. Custom patterns and all that sound cool to me.

If you want to do porn you have to earn it though. If this idea was implemented pictures would be dead, coloring would be dead.

Not necessarily. A picture on the wall is different from a pattern on your sofa, and sometimes you just want quick and easy customisation instead of making or finding a particular pattern that wasn’t included by default.

Neither of those would be dead. They could easily put a price on throwing a custom material on your walls. Coloring would still be used because it would be convenient. Besides, what if you like one of the materials that comes with your condo, you might want to recolor it. Not try and replicate the entire texture just to recolor it in photoshop or something. And canvases would certainly not be dead either.

Imo it’s a pee pee idea that I pray doesn’t get implemented but that’s not my decision, it’s the devs.

“Its a pee pee idea”

That explains a lot of what you’re saying. (Your age really shows with that reply)

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What age would that be?

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Ill let you figure that out for yourself.

But to continue on from before, while i believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion, the reasons for your opinion are very one sided, and you dont seem to think about the possibilities of this suggestion (and they are a little irrational, so im disagreeing to your reasons). I apologize for any of my harshness.

These wall patterns are not just textures, they’re materials. This means they have more properties like reflections etc. and it would be harder to implement for custom urls if they had to create an option for every property. I think it would be a way better idea to implement it in the workshop. Like this, the mods have way more control over what’s being displayed on players’ walls.

Last time I’ve heard, player condos will be able to have whatever Workshop mods the owner of the condo has installed. Because of this, there’s really no reason to use image links because the Workshop can do it much better.

(Imagine a professional looking “Condo Floors & Wallpapers Pack” addon published to the Workshop… it would be trustworthy, and give you easier access to many different textures to apply supplied within the addon. Furthermore, the addon itself can update and give all of the players using that addon additional textures to use. Just one of the many reasons that I’m excited for Workshop support.)

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Hm, you make a spot on point. Now youve got me hyped for the workshop even more!