Set Summit's difficulty to very easy

Summit is definitly not “easy” anymore when Woodland’s difficulty is “easy”.

I think Woodlands is more of an issue than Summit, Nimbus is probably the easiest map in my opinion, though Summit isn’t far behind. Point being, Woodlands is closer to medium than easy (Though it would probably be the easiest medium). To be honest, the map difficulties are often pretty out of whack to me, and difficulty is really subjective. Woodlands being very easy was bonkers, but beyond that, difficulty is so intangible I’m not sure we’ll see many changes to map difficulty coming.


How about GLXY?

Personally Nimbus seems pretty straightforward, the only difficult parts are with the hammers, which are pretty easy to time. GLXY has more complicated levels with verticality and moving platforms, though I think all Ball Race maps can vary quite a bit in difficulty from level to level.

Nah, Nimbus is not the easiest map and the difficulty is not entirely subjective. You see, Nimbus got some jumps and fast spinning objects newbies cannot deal with it then they never had a game like this before.
Summit got barely any of this… (edit: and no moving platforms and bumpers and what not)
I see it as the tutorial map to get used to the controls.

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The hammers and certain jumps can definitely be a bit iffy, but Nimbus to me feels less complex, though honestly it’s pretty much tied with Summit anyways. The point here is, it kinda is subjective, it’s not like I find Nimbus easy just because I play Ball Race a lot, when Woodlands came out I was in the complete opposite position, saying it felt more like medium, and got a lot of resistance from frequent Ball Race players defending the “very easy” rating (Rightfully so, I should add).

It’s not black and white that pros will always find some maps easier that are hard for new players, different people find different things to determine difficulty. What my mind goes to is how simplistic and direct the map is in terms of “start at A, go to B”, other people consider things like hazards, how long the levels are, what shortcuts there are/how hard they are, how precise your movement or speed should be, how narrow/how many holes there are in the platforms, etc. Not all new players experience things the same way, so although I disagree with a lot of the map difficulties for Ball Race and Minigolf, it’s sorta destined to be that way.

Everything I say comes back to me or is ignored. Even when I said hey devs add a notice on the screen the game isn’t working 100% you can’t go fishing right now, someone said well the developers can tell us that in the global chat. And people kept asking why they can’t catch some fish yeah.

nah summit is easiest, then woodlands then nimbus, for these reasons

-summit is easiest only straight paths (easy to see single path you have to go) and ocasional moving walls / floor (and the rare bumper and thats it pretty easy imo
-woodlands introduces some more obstacle like the sludge, hammer and more occasional bumpers but has a few straight easy paths
-nimbus has moving floors walls and such and has multiple places with big hammers bumpers and such which may be harder or just as hard as woodlands, still has straight paths more so compared to woodlands

and i just think that order is what i find easiest when i play

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