Set Paradise's difficulty to Normal

Does not feel easy at all, every turn in a level there has bumpers that will send you off the edge, and holes in the level everywhere.

Disagree, I think its pretty easy especially compared to other maps. I mean theres a bunch of segments where youre literally just walking through tubes and cant die or go the wrong way.


Half of the courses have holes that will end up killing you over and over, and by those holes are bumpers. That isn’t easy that is a medium lmao

I just replayed through Paradise before making this post to be sure since I really didn’t remember it being difficult.

All of the holes in the levels are easy to roll around - it’s not like you can’t see them, or the platforms open up underneath you (like some do on Nimbus)

I was only able to find bumpers on Level 2 and 3, and there are 13 levels with lots of holes. That’s really not that many.

If you’re struggling to complete this map then you might just be trying to race through it too fast. Take your time until you’re more confident. I don’t think the difficulty of the map needs to be bumped up.

welcome to ball race

I’m not tho and i played ball race before, this map is very difficult if your trying to do the king of paradise achievement, ive done this map several times and because of the holes i cant get the achievement lmao i mean like i’m master at ball race, if i’m having trouble with it, i think other new people are as well lmao

  • Master at ball race

  • Can’t do Paradise

Pick one

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The level “Master”? You know the tier where you get enough EXP to get the Master level? That is what i mean, i barely even do paradise and when i tried to get King on it, it was a pain to be easy.

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