Server patron

I always use Singapore servers.
Singapore’s performance is lower than that of US servers. If the number of people increases, you will be late to play.
If the user can create the server, there is no problem with the lag, but it is not possible.

So I propose a system that supports servers.
The user suggests a country in which to create the server.
If a developer can get a server, ask customers to raise money.
Once you have the money you need, create the server.

Thank you very much.

if you want to support the game and raise funds, just buy more copies of tower unite

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I want a Japanese server.
Or I want the performance of Singapore server to be improved.

I need a comfortable server.

It’s not like buying a gift to support development.

might i suggest making your own server if you can?

The Plaza server we can make has too few functions.
I need a comfortable official server.