Server issues

The lag problem has ceased, but there is still a problem with the main server. It starts up, but with false hope, as I still get kicked off, and it is definitely not lag’s fault. Either there are way too many people, or it’s a bug.

It’s rare to get into a server on the plaza for me. Everything else is fine.

Please post your specs and the continent you live in.

I had posted my Specs on another bug report, but I guess i’ll do it again.

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
CPU: AMD E-450
40nm Technology
RAM: 4.00GB DDR3 @ 676MHz (9-9-9-24)
Graphics: Generic PnP Monitor (1280x720@60Hz

And, I live in America. More specifically, North America, United States.
Apparantly, it lags because it is very inferior, but when place to it’s lowest settings, it works kinda.
But, that still doesn’t explain why it’s kicking me from the Plaza all the time.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention, it doesn’t even show the connection to the host has lost screen like it normally does. It just boots me straight into the main menu. This needs to be FIXED.

Even though it’s hard to get in, I still somehow got to explore the whole Plaza.

Because you live in America, your ping should be alright. I think that your PC is simply too slow in order to handel UE4. Especially without a dedicated GPU.
The issue might be that your game doesn’t communicate with the server for a while because it still has to process other tasks as well which prevents the Network thread from doing anything.

The fact that you get straight the main menu seems to be a bug indeed. But the only real solution to your problem is most likely upgrading your PC. Take this video as an inspiration. But you should put some more research into this if you have about 300$ or more to spare:

The ping is 99. This might be the case. And, yes, that’s the official server.
Actually, the ping changes from double digits to triple digits. But, no matter how big or small, it still kicks me sometimes. And, this is the PIXELTAIL server!