Server Info Panel

Based around the discussions in which each server in Tower Unite is going to have their own set of rules decided by their owners, an idea has come to mind which can help people who aren’t comfortable with rule-less or lesser-strict servers.

Basically, similar to how Team Fortress 2 manages it’s info panel (F1) which is displayed when you enter a server and normally contains the rules and community information, a similar panel could be implemented in Tower. In order to restrict people from abusing it (such as placing Ads), it would be restricted to basic markup only, making it be restricted down to really, server owners, to display information regarding the server’s works.

Along with this, there could be an info icon on the server browser which would display this info panel BEFORE you enter the server. In this way, you can automatically know the nature of the server and how it works before you even join it and getting disappointed. In that way, you can see what servers are of your interest and those which are not.


I think this is a good idea. There could even be a (toggleable) sidebar on the server selector screen showing you the info once you select the server in the list.

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I also agree with this idea. One thing I’d add, would be maybe the option of adding screenshots of the server? In case they mod in some buildings or what not.


Seems practically necessary IMO. Great idea, Polite.

Another good inclusion could be MOTD support for servers, which can serve multiple purposes besides just sharing server information.


I like the idea, but I don’t think basic markup will stop people from advertising, they’ll always find ways.

I suggest we have server hosters select rules that we pre-determine and then the game can easily display to new players in a regulated manner; similar to something like android permissions.


I don’t think it will really be possible to display ads if we would just add, let’s say:

  • Bold
  • Emphasis
  • Underline
  • Header1-2
  • Text with different size (“size” markup tag)
  • Maybe some other misc stuff (Like different text colors)

Or just anything that links to somewhere outside of the game/steam. MOTDs should just simply be text, I don’t think it is so super necessary to display links/images. And even if they need to display links, you should just add the link as plaintext rather than a hyperlink, so the user will have to manually copy the link and visit it in his own browser.

But otherwise, I completely support this idea.

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That also seems a good alternative, however, I guess that there would need to be a good quantity of different rules to pick from, both negative and positive. The question of basic markup would mean that, if the person saw something that didn’t make them comfortable, they would immediately refuse to enter it.

Here’s a list of suggestions for those rules, then:

  • Offensive Content: The server can display content that can be offensive for the general user.
  • Controlled Content: Content which user presents on the server can be moderated by the owner of the server.
  • Not Safe for Work: No restrictions other than the parental filter are applied to this server by the server owners.
  • Premium Content: The server owner might make certain, custom content used by the server restricted by donations or a previous payment.
  • Downloadable Content: This server might download content, such as workshop add-ons, into your computer.
  • Unprotected VAC: This server does not have VAC protection turned on.

I assume there are much more restrictions/warnings that could be added to the list, but those seem the most basic ones to add.


As much as I dislike advertisements in MOTDs, I think it is necessary to keep their server afloat. Obviously no advertisements should be shown in the server browser, but once connected that would be the appropriate place to advertise.

Again, advertisements keep servers free. Ranked servers may not need advertisements, but there is nothing to support unranked servers. In most cases, the advertisement is just a one-time box to click out of to start playing.

I can definitely agree that advertisements are not only annoying, but also an unintended side effect of having a MOTD system. Some take the advertisement system so far that they have the MOTD screen pop up multiple times, often resulting on misclicks on the ad.

There needs to be a way to advertise to keep servers alive, but it must also be regulated. MOTD is designed to show the message of the day, so it should be used for that purpose alone.

My suggestion is to add another window to display any advertisements or even incorporate those advertisements into posters and such around the Plaza.

On a side note, I like the idea of having extra server information show for a server when clicked on in the list. That should make the server list look nicer, just like all of the other small details like a server thumbnail.


I’d also maybe add a flag for, Mods that are downloaded externally not from the workshop.

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A very good example of excessive ads in the MOTD in servers is Team Fortress 2. Pretty much every server you’ll join that isn’t a valve server will have ads in the MOTD. Just saying incase you aren’t playing TF2 or you didn’t do it for ages.
Atleast I won’t like to see TU have the same bullshit with ads TF2 has right now.

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Eh, if they end up implementing server advertisements, so be it.
The hosts file on Windows will make quick work of those ads.