Selling all inventory items

I really want to buy things and i could get them and so much more when i look at my total

I can’t make heads or tails of this.

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The Answer:


After reading this 4 times, I believe you want to easily sell every item in your inventory at once to see the number of items you have go up. What does that even mean? Why do you get more items when you look at your total? What is your total? Is it Units, the amount of items you’re about to sell? Or, could it possibly be the amount of items you’re about to buy? Tell me the answers! I am unsatisfied!

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They need to start teaching grammar to kids at a younger age…
I’ve been rereading this multiple times, trying to understand it.

Not everyone lives in an english-speaking country, lol.

I think what OP meant by “my total” was the number detailing the value of all your items combined (you can find it on the inventory screen). Hence, I’m assuming he’s suggesting a way to sell all of one’s items, to get that magically high total back. Then he’d be able to purchase the things he wants.


English isn’t my first language. French is my first.